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To Use Computers and the Internet to Double Your Income Requires New, IR#4 Strategic Knowledge

To use your computer and the internet strategically and competitively, rather than with task orientation, which is no longer competitive,

… so that you can double your productivity, value and income

… requires new, strategic and competitive knowledge.

IR#4 strategic knowledge is needed to bridge income and savings gaps

IR#4 businesspeople who are serious about earning a living or becoming rich to take care of their family are forced by financial and competitive pressures to quit using an old, obsolete business philosophy and adopt a new one. If they fail or decline to learn and adapt, they and their family, career and/or business suffer harsh and even life-threatening consequences.

When new tools with completely new capabilities, such as computers and the internet, can help people produce outcomes that are far superior to what used to be possible, the competitive and financial pressures unleashed drive competitors to produce new knowledge to increase the value of their offers, practices, narratives and strategies. But the new knowledge businesspeople need to learn remains unclear because it does not yet exist. It is never obvious, objective, commonsensical or perceivable. It needs to be invented every day for decades. It is philosophical knowledge and taking it on is always costly and risky.

In industrial revolutions, the new knowledge businesspeople find themselves inventing and learning is a new business philosophy, such as “Aji” in IR#4. These are new interpretations of the responses to two questions:

  • First, what is and is not real, such as the value of hard work, and how do businesspeople know that?
  • Second, how must businesspeople be in the marketplace, or what do they care about, what do they do and what outcomes do they produce to fulfill their financial, career and business intentions?

“Knowledge” is practical know-how. That’s all.

It is the capability to produce an intended outcome in a given set of circumstances. Whoever first learns the philosophies, narratives and practices needed to produce new strategic and competitive intentions, and the tactical skills to fulfill them, “wins” much higher IR#4 Incomes.

Knowledge cannot be seen. The notion that knowledge actually exists is abstract or conceptual and inferred. No one carries knowledge in a pocket, and it does not exist in books, including the book this article came from, Aji, an IR#4 Business Philosophy. We deduce or judge that people have knowledge when they produce intended outcomes in a given set of circumstances. And knowledge is not “understanding” as popular culture, reporters, politicians and educators believe.

Knowledge is always, and only, practical know-how to produce outcomes people use to take care of or deal with their concerns, situations, capabilities and strategies to live a good life. When actions are ineffective to produce intended outcomes, we conclude people lack knowledge or are using the wrong philosophies, narratives and practices.

Inventing new, strategic and competitive knowledge is a practical necessity

Successful businesspeople in IR#4 are actors who produce steady streams of practical outcomes others value enough to buy because they know what they’re doing and how to do it. They are using philosophies, narratives and practices that work.

Breakdowns, thwarted intentions or failing to fulfill their financial intentions drive businesspeople to continually invent and learn new strategic and competitive knowledge. It’s not the right thing to do or a clever new idea. It’s a practical necessity when businesspeople who intend to earn a living or become rich in a rapidly changing and intensely competitive situation can’t fulfill their intentions.

In IR#4, businesspeople’s income and savings gaps are actually “knowledge gaps”. The “gaps” show them how much IR#4 Strategic Knowledge they need to learn to increase their productivity, value, income and savings, and why.


Toby Hecht is the author of Aji, an IR#4 Business Philosophy.

“Aji” is a new business philosophy that enables businesspeople to know what to learn, why to learn it, how to learn it and how to use it strategically and competitively to double their productivity, value and income.

“Aji’s” philosophical underpinnings about human beings, strategy, competitive situations, competitive advantages, knowledge, tools (computers and the internet), business concerns, dignity, identities and making money are totally different from IR#3’s business knowledge.

Get your copy today and begin to close your “knowledge gaps” in as few as 100 days. Learn more at

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