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Learn “Aji”. Double your income. It’s that simple.

Learn Aji

Toby Hecht’s long-anticipated book, Aji, an IR#4 Business Philosophy, is now available in paperback and e-book formats.

See why readers are calling “Aji”…

  • Revolutionary
  • Transformative
  • The definitive source of knowledge to succeed in a rapidly changing world

The book’s contents can be broken down simply: 50% explains The Aji Source Fundamental Strategy, 40% is background, and 10% is assignments individuals and businesses can use to learn “Aji”. One of the most popular parts of the book is the index, which makes it easy to locate and work with the distinctions.

Chapter Seven of the book outlines a course that you and your networks can use for learning and further developing your capacity to act with “Aji”.

Helpful resources for learning and using “Aji”

To complement the release of Mr. Hecht’s book we have made a selection of videos, papers, and posters available on our company website to help you and your networks learn and use “Aji”.

You can access these additional resources at

Two of the videos available are:

  • How to Begin to Design an Offer
  • 7 Parts for How to Work with a Business Narrative

Both talks were filmed at the 2019 January LEIP Conference and are being released to the public for the first time.

Start using “Aji” Today

We invite you to explore the book, the additional “Aji” Resources, and the many ways you can use these new tools to build a powerful Network of Capabilities.

If we can be of help, please let us know.

We look forward to hearing how you use “Aji” with your networks — employees, customers, colleagues, employers and vendors — to increase your capacity to fulfill your financial, career and business intentions.

Learn more about “Aji” and The Aji Network at

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