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Popular culture has it wrong. Before people can SAVE enough, they have to EARN enough.

Earning and saving enough money to live a good life while raising a family and to afford 25+ years of unemployment during old age with one’s spouse is the purpose of using “Aji”.

  • That’s why businesspeople who use “Aji” to double their productivity, value and incomes by learning how to use their computers and the internet strategically and competitively, rather than with task orientation, are so happy they do.
To save enough, earn enough

Real life without enough money is harsh, inescapable and miserable, and not an adolescent, television or political fantasy that can be ignored, trivialized or dismissed. When people run out of money, practical breakdowns and chronic financial stresses grab hold of them, dominate them, wear them down, trigger despair, thwart their intentions, make them sick and ruin their lives.

Without “enough money” it isn’t possible for human beings to survive, adapt to life’s always changing circumstances or live a good life, especially when they are old. They can’t afford the goods and services we all need to take care of our most fundamental human concerns, such as housing, food, medical care, transportation, family, play and dignity.

Many businesspeople, reporters and politicians act as if this claim can be denied or ignored and isn’t important enough to speak about. They act as if businesspeople and their spouses can somehow live good lives without burdening their children or suffering chronic financial stresses in their 70s, 80s and 90s when they run out of money.

  • The claim is the truth.

“Earning a Living” today includes saving for 25+ years of old age

The marketplace’s transition from The Third Industrial Revolution (IR#3) to The Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR#4) is clobbering businesspeople and their families financially in slow motion and in ways they cannot perceive or understand. Too many of them still do not realize their incomes are far too low to avoid running out of money before they die because they have not yet included the millions of dollars they really need to save over the 40 years of their career to afford 25+ years of unemployment during their old age. Their incomes and lack of savings remain normal for IR#3 even though it ended around 1980 when competitive pressures brought about by the ubiquitous use of computers and the internet began driving pensions that included lifetime healthcare out of the marketplace.

Today the amount of money required to qualify as “earning a living” for businesspeople who have no pension with lifetime healthcare is at least 60% higher because it needs to enable IR#4 businesspeople to:

1 – Afford their “immediate expenses” while they are raising their family


2 – Save enough money to survive, adapt to changing circumstances and live a good life with their spouse through 25+ years of unemployment, or old age, or until they are at least 90 years old

IR#4 businesspeople’s inflation-adjusted total career incomes need to be at least 60% higher to afford the additional 25+ years, or 9,125 days, when they and their spouse are no longer able to work because the extra 25 years is 60% more time businesspeople need to fund during their careers.

Businesspeople who intend to retire with their spouse with an income of $200k in today’s dollars, for example, need to have $5m saved and invested passively. This means most businesspeople need to roughly double their incomes to begin saving enough money to live a good life with their spouse for their entire life.

Computers and the Internet make this possible

This is possible in IR#4 when computers and the internet can be used to double businesspeople’s productivity, value and incomes if businesspeople have the intention and strategic knowledge needed to do so.

All thought and action are, fundamentally, an expression and manifestation of people’s intentions to:

  1. Survive, or avoid chronic financial stresses that once triggered in old age, or as retirement approaches, cannot be fixed.
  2. Adapt to life’s constantly changing circumstances.
  3. Live a good life with their spouse until they are at least 90 years old by having enough money to take care of life’s practical concerns at least

This means “earning a living” must fulfill these purposes.

Businesspeople compete to make money throughout the day by designing and executing fresh, new offers, practices, business narratives and strategies (OPNS) that are highly valued and scarce relative to demand. This is how they increase their productivity, value and incomes.

The greater the number of fresh, new, highly valued and scarce OPNS businesspeople have in their inventory to sell, the more able they become to make enough money to fulfill their financial, career and business intentions.


Toby Hecht is the author of “Aji”, a new, IR#4 business philosophy.

“Aji” helps businesspeople earn a living or become rich in IR#4 so that they are able to live a good life with their spouse while raising their family and continue to do so during 25+ years of unemployment or old age.

It explains how to use computers, their applications, computer-driven tools and the internet effectively, strategically and competitively enough to double businesspeople’s productivity, value and incomes, and those of their businesses.

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