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Use a Fundamental Strategy to Produce Competitive Advantages

In case you haven’t heard, it’s time to pivot your career and business away from using labor-based intentions, philosophies, business knowledge, work ethics and practices.

These interpretations, skills and practices are obsolete because they evolved in a marketplace organized around the use of power-driven machines.  Businesspeople who continue to use them aren’t able to earn “enough money” to qualify as “earning a living”.

No matter how hard they work, how determined they are or how focused they are on getting the job done, businesspeople who persist in relying on labor-based work ethics and knowledge are not productive or valuable enough to “earn a living”, which is why companies can no longer afford to employ them.

To “pivot” businesspeople need to quit using labor-based task-orientation and move towards using “strategic knowledge” as The Aji Network offers with The Aji Source Fundamental Strategy.

Without a fundamental strategy ambitious businesspeople cannot compete effectively

When ambitious businesspeople fail to learn or remember a fundamental or underlying strategy, such as The Aji Source Fundamental Strategy, they…

  1. Don’t know what to do when new concerns, threats, obligations, opportunities or capabilities appear in the marketplace with competitors, customers, employers, employees or colleagues
  2. Cause their own failures and thwarted intentions without any help from competitors
  3. Cannot avoid threats, fulfill obligations or exploit opportunities because threats, obligations and opportunities do not and cannot exist without strategic objectives that give them their meanings, relevance, value and purposes
  4. Have no guidance about how and where to continually accumulate “strategic knowledge” needed to fulfill their ambitions
  5. Have no help for thinking about what, when, where and how to continually produce new designs for their offers, practices, narratives and strategies

Ambitious businesspeople find themselves forced to constitute strategies for two reasons

#1.  Natural Laws, or reality’s operations, require it

Natural Laws, which are also called reality’s operations, such as growing corn or making an offer to customers, often force people to invent or adopt strategies to take care of their concerns.

#2.  Competitive pressures require it

Once ambitious businesspeople are forced by Natural Laws to think and act strategically, or with action plans, competitive pressures force them to continually improve strategic thought and action.

Global competitors are always inventing new methods, or new strategies, to produce competitive advantages and superior value with their offerings.  At the same time, they are also working to either “neutralize” or “obsolete” the value of their competitors’ offerings.

Because of reality’s operations, marketplace drifts and competitive pressures, ambitious businesspeople can never stop increasing their capacities to think and act strategically.

Success producing annual incomes between $400k and $4m is intentional

There’s nothing casual, accidental or “lucky” about earning high incomes.

Success in the marketplace and fulfilling ultimate ambitions to earn, save and invest enough money to survive, be free and live a good life throughout 40 years of adulthood and 25+ years of old age is the result of people assuming personal responsibility to develop superior capacities to think and act effectively to produce competitive advantages, superior value and top 1% annual incomes with a steady stream of fresh, new offers, practices, narratives and strategies that are “scarce relative to demand” (economics), or uncommon, strategic and superior to common ones.

Success producing top 1% annual incomes has nothing to do with how hard people work, how busy or determined they may be, or how much they rely on their common sense or common business knowledge.

Successful ambitious businesspeople think and act deliberately

When people “deliberate” about a course of action  – how they will use tactics and strategies to fulfill their intentions –  they think and act slowly, carefully and with thorough calculation of causes and effects on their capacities to fulfill their intentions.

  • They avoid haste, making rash decisions, reacting, thoughtless behaviors and incompetence.
  • In their background is the knowledge that thoughts, commitments and actions must be consistent with philosophical notions and coherent with fundamental principles, laws and mechanisms  – reality’s operations –  to succeed.
  • When thoughts, commitments and actions are inconsistent or incoherent, they will fail.

When ambitious businesspeople become serious about fulfilling their ambitions and producing a steady stream of fresh, new offers, practices, narratives and strategies, which is required to succeed, they must learn fundamental philosophy, principles, laws and mechanisms, or whatever they “invent” will fail.

To “earn a living”, or to produce and maintain annual incomes of $400k to $4m, requires ambitious businesspeople think and act with a fundamental strategy at all times and under all circumstances when working in the marketplace.

Learn more about The Aji Source Fundamental Strategy today.

*This is an excerpt from a larger paper offered in The Aji Space, an online “companion” tool that enables ambitious businesspeople to accumulate effective, competitive “strategic knowledge” every day. Click here to learn more.

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