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To Fulfill Your Ambitions, Make Your Purposes Line Up

To fulfill lifestyle, financial and business ambitions to “live a good life”, which requires annual incomes of $400k or more (see why this is so), businesspeople must be sure their tactical, strategic and ultimate purposes line up like falling dominoes.

To fulfill ambitions align your purposes

If or when their purposes are not lined up, or coherent with one another, they cannot accumulate the strategic knowledge and power needed to successfully fulfill ambitions to survive, be free and live a good life throughout their entire lives.

An ultimate purpose is the final or last objective of a lengthy course of action. The value of producing ultimate purposes is their capacity to unite complex, difficult and separate courses of action (strategies) into a whole.

  • They give descriptions, meanings, relevance, value and purposes to all earlier thought and action.
  • They give commitment, direction and focus to prior thought and action so that the ultimate purpose is achieved.
  • They enable people to avoid “task orientation”, which inevitably ruins or thwarts larger intentions.

strategic purpose is the intended objective, outcome or result of a strategy.

An offer, practice, narrative or strategy is “strategic” if it:

  • Enables people to fulfill a plan of action
  • Increases or improves people’s capacities to fulfill a plan of action
  • Makes the performance of a new and better plan of action (strategy) possible

tactical purpose is the intended objective, outcome or result of an action.

An offer, practice, narrative or strategy is “tactical” if it is a practice that:

  • Takes care of a concern
  • Produces a satisfactory situation
  • Acquires a new capacity to think and act effectively

Purposes are “lined up” when they are arranged so that the fulfillment of each purpose enables the fulfillment of a tactical purpose(s) that helps or fulfills a strategic purpose(s) that helps or fulfills an ultimate purpose(s).

Producing purposes that are not lined up wastes time, energy, money and opportunities needed to fulfill them. It causes failure and thwarts intentions to succeed, survive, be free and live a good life.

To compete successfully in today’s rapidly changing and knowledge-based global marketplace, ambitious businesspeople must make sure their tactical, strategic and ultimate purposes are always lined up.

*This is an excerpt from a larger paper written by Toby Hecht, Founder and CEO of The Aji Network, offered in The Aji Space, an online “companion” tool that enables ambitious businesspeople to accumulate effective, competitive strategic knowledge every day.

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